Latest Colours and Styles 

Solagard Colour Forecast 2012

Solagard Colour Forecast 2012The Solagard Exterior Colour forecast feature the hottest shades for 2012:

  • Granite from the colour variations of worn stone
  • Coastal Calm with soft neutrals and blue greens
  • Modern Sophisticate using steely blues and deep purples
  • Pizzazz adds vibrant accents, for stunning features

The grey palette continues to play a major role in Australian colour schemes in both interior and exterior. Greyed off colours are easy on the eye and easy to use in scheming as they work back with any shades of accent (warm or cool). Colour such as Gracieux, Grey Ember and Gravel Chip demonstrate this.

Warm neutrals such as Tennessee Dawn, Alta Sierra and Soft Siamese are in increasingly popular in 2011/2012. Accents in hot orange and red continue to be dominant.

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Contemporary Living

Solagard Contemporary Living brochureContemporary Living offers great colours for your city retreat.

  • Mocha Modern uses warm mochas and cream tones 
  • Debonair of rich purples and charcoals to contrast cool greys
  • Natural Neutrals are perfect from this style of living
  • Grey Matter features soft greys and deep browns work perfectly to harmonise.

Off whites and neutrals are important broadwall colours in these palettes. Magnesium, Tranquil White, Polar Cape and Confetti Shower and popular shades to use. In conjunction with this colour use highlights of natural browns and greys such as Thunderbolt, Wild Yukon and Swiss Mocha.

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Costal Retreats

Solagard Coastal Retreats BrochureCostal Retreats offers the very best in beach home inspired styles.

  •  Urban Beach House
  • Beach House Reno
  • Sophisticated Beach House
  • Modern Beach House

Beach house colours are normally muted natural colours in shades of greys, blues and neutrals. Graceful White, Colorbond® Dune, Rock Oyster and Confetti Shower are the ideal colours for broadwall, with accents and highlights in deep blues, blue greys and greens such as Stormy, Colorbond® Deep Ocean and Mantra.

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Solagard Urban Escape

Solagard Urban Escapes BrochureThe Urban Escape pallette is a combination of popular neutral tones for broadwall such as Rock Oyster, Moon Sheel, Grey Ember and Colorbond® Woodland Grey. Combined with bursts of popular colours such as Solar Eclipse, Cactus Jam, Rosella Flower, Royal Ribbon and Magica Marina are all forecast colours that can be used on feature walls, exterior artworks and highlighted architectural features.

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Traditional Facades

Solagard Traditional Facades BrochureAn easy to use guide for decorating traditional homes.Choose your home style and then use the palette to create a colour scheme for broadwall, trims and architectural features. Styles include:

  • Federation
  • Traditional Federation
  • Modern Federation
  • California Bungalow
  • Victorian
  • Traditional

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Outdoor Rooms

Solagard Outdoor Living BrochureThe increasing focus on outdoor living rooms across a variety of home styles, the importance of scheming your interior and exterior spaces has never been more important. Fashion shades of zesty greens (Folktale and Jungle Trail), rich purples (Dark Amethyst and Imperium) and warm reds (Scorpion, Oporto Wine and Hot Tamarillo) are perfect in schemes with popular neutrals such as Scallopini, Sateen Snow and Castle Grey. Palletes include:

  • Tropical Retreat palette
  • Urban Edge palette

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Colours of Australia

Solagard Colours of Australia BrochureOur love affair with the colours of our landscape is evident in this palette. The ever popular shades of stone are perfect for both modern and traditional homes with Stoneleigh, Smooth Horizon and Thunderbolt as staple colours. Barrier Reef blues and warm yellow are perfect for modern holiday homes, whilst the Natural Eucalypt palette and Red Centre work for both traditional and contemporary homes. The collection includes:

  • Stone palette
  • Eucalypt palette
  • Barrier Reef palette
  • Red Centre palette

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